Important information for cable and surf wave operations:

The following applies to the entire site: at least one board length distance (1,5 meters).

1. Please follow the instructions at the entrance and on the premises.
2. Please leave valuables at home when possible.
3. Changing rooms and showers remain closed.
4. There are additional information in the individual areas.

5. Please keep distance to others (minimum 1,5 meters).

6. Please wear a mask in queues! (except in watersport areas).

Surf Wave
1. Check-In for surfers takes place at the beginning of the session directly at the wave.
2. No spectators in the wave area.
3. The wave is only accessible from 5 minutes before the start of the session and only for surfers who have already changed and are ready to surf.


Aktualisiert: 21.07.2020 - 11:29

World's first standing deepwater wave on a lake guarantees real open air surfing in natural environment - in the middle of Germany, at any time!

No matter if you are young or old, if beginner or skilled surfer - the SURF LANGENFELD wave offers real surfing.

The world's first UNIT Surf Pool generates a standing wave (up to 1,60 meters) right in the middle of the lake. Thanks to its water depth it can be surfed with common surfboards.

Compared to other standing waves, the experience of nature is much more intense: under the open sky and in the middle of the lake you can surf a never-ending wave.

The steady water pressure guarantees perfect conditions to push yourself to the next level and to increase your surfing skills.

SURF LANGENFELD offers authentic and real surfing:

- Without difficult journeys
- Without jetlag
- Without depending on swell or tide

You never stood on a surfboard before? It's high time to get to know this stunning feeling!

You can learn how to surf in no time using the SURF LANGENFELD wave. The height of the wave is adjustable and therefore adapts to your skills easily. By the help of the surf-coaches you'll see that surfing is a piece of cake.