Are there any requirements to surf?

In order to use the SURF LANGENFELD wave there is a minimum age of 12 years and you have to ensure to be able to swim safely.

How can I book a surf-session?

Go to Rates & Lessons

Here you can chooose and book a suitable offer.

How safe is surfing on the SURF LANGENFELD wave?

Surfing here is much safer compared to surfing in the sea. Only one of the participants surfs the wave. The water is deep enough, so you don't have to worry about falling.

The coaches are in reach at any time and can help you individually.

And additionally: you don't have to worry about sharks in langenfeld. ;-)


I booked a surf session. What do I have to bring?

You have to bring swimwear and a towel. Everything else can be rented on site.

Are bookings only made online or is it possible to book a session on site?

Feel free to book a session on site at our check-in desk.

However we cannot guarantee that sessions are available spontaneously, if the booking has not been made in advance.

For how long am I allowed to surf?

Every offer contains a safe operation time of 50 minutes. But usually the time of surf is 60 minutes. The different sessions contain 30 minutes additionally for check-in and safety instructions.

The surf lesson contains 60 additional minutes right before surfing. In this time you'll have plenty of time to get ready and receive a detailed beginner instruction.

I booked a slot but unfortunately can't attend. Do I get back my money?

You can easily cancel your session online. Costs incurred are the following:

25% of the price, by cancellation up to 24h before the session;

75% of the price, by cancellation within 24h before the session;

100% of the price, if you're late or don't show up at all.


Your credit will be applied to your prepaid-account.

There is a bad weather forecast for when my session takes place. Is it possible to cancel cost-free?

The experience of nature is clearly a part of lakesurfing. Rain or bad weather conditions do not have influence on the SURF LANGENFELD wave. For this reason our offers take place in all weathers.

Is it possible to book the wave exclusively?


Go to Prices & Lessons, there you'll find all information you need.

How much does the rental material cost?

- Surfboards: included

- Wetsuit: 5,00 € / session

- Helmet: 5,00 € / session

Which sizes (wetsuits) do you have for rent?

We do have all common sizes for rent - for kids and adults.

Is it possible to bring my own surf equipment?

Of course you can bring your own wetsuit.

Own surfboards are allowed to bring to every session - EXCEPT FOR THE SURF LESSON.

Is it allowed to use other pieces of sports equipment (e.g. canoes)?

The SURF LANGENFELD wave only allows the use of surfboards.

Where can I put my belongings while surfing?

There is a pontoon right at the SURF LANGENFELD wave where you can put your personal belongings.

Valuables can be stored at the check-in at no cost.

I lost / forgot something on site. What to do now?

Just write an e-mail to

Is it allowed to bring a dog or other animals?

Dogs and other small animals are allowed only in the SEEHAUS restaurant and its terrace.

Do I get wet while watching others surf?

Spectators are welcome to watch from the beach bar. Usually you don't get wet while watching.

It is recommended to bring an umbrella in case of rain.

Is it allowed to bring own beverages and food?

You can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages. These are not to consume within the gastronomy area (SEEHAUS & beach bar)

How can I pass my time while my kids surf?

While the kids are surfing you'll have the best view sitting at the beach bar. You can also try out the SEEHAUS restaurant's tasty food or take a walk around the compound.

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